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Curiouser Entertainment


Q- How do I pronounce your name?
A- Curiouser is pronounced 
(cure-ee-uh-ser)! Our name comes from Alice in Wonderland "curiouser & curiouser."

Q- Why should I choose Curiouser Entertainment?
A- Curiouser Entertainment's performers are professionally trained, experienced actors & singers! Our performers know how to carry conversations with children, help them feel comfortable, are quick on their feet, experts in the characters they are portraying, & experienced actors with the confidence to project their voices so everyone can enjoy them. Not only will you be impressed with our performances, but our costumes & wigs are top notch. You will get the best of the best with us as well as plenty of heart and imagination! Owner Sarah is passionate about children's entertainment and believes it is important to go above and beyond for them!

Q- Are your characters appropriate for all ages?
A- We provide entertainment for children's birthday parties & events for families. Our party packages are designed for ages 3-7. Our characters will entertain at parties, festivals, restaurants, parks, businesses, schools, & more as long as the event is designed for families & children! We also LOVE to volunteer!

Q- How early should I book my party?
We recommend booking your party 1-2 months in advance. We accept bookings as far as 5 months early. Keep in mind, there are typically only 8-10 Saturdays & Sundays a month, & we are a small team of 4 performers. We book very quickly, so to get your preferred date, time, & character, we recommend booking as early as possible!

Q- Do you require a deposit?
A- We require a $50 non-refundable deposit at the time of booking to hold your date! 

Q- What time should I arrange for the character(s) to arrive?
A- We suggest booking our characters to arrive 30 minutes after your party's start time to ensure that your guests have plenty of time to arrive and don't miss any of the magic!

Q- What do I need to supply while they character(s) are in attendance?
We bring all the supplies we need: gift for the child, book for storytime, speaker and music for singing & dancing, the craft materials, & more! 

Q- Can I book a Mermaid Party without a Pool?
Yes! Our mermaid will be unable to walk & will still require the help of her assistant. The price will remain the same for the pool party as our mermaid will still rely on her assistant to help run the party, but the activities can be done on land! Be sure to let us know if you are booking this party without the pool.

Q- Should I tip the characters?
A- Our performers are all professional and will always strive to provide the best party experience! While tipping is not required, we do appreciate it and will gladly accept the tip! We just ask that this is done away from children & guests! We will accept cash tips at the end of your party or you can tip on your final invoice.

Q- Why are your parties priced the way they are?
The price of each party covers the cost of actor pay for the performance as well as time spent getting ready, costume & wig cleaning/repairs/replacements, party materials, makeup, mileage, office hours, taxes, insurance, & more!

Q- Can I reschedule or cancel my party?
A- We understand that unforeseen emergencies and poor weather can happen, so we will gladly do our best to work with you to reschedule a party. Your deposit is non-refundable, but it is transferrable. If you need to cancel before the final invoice is paid you will lose your deposit. We can not make refunds once the full payment is made. 

Q- Can I still book a character party if the event is not at my house?
A- Yes! Our entertainers love to perform everywhere, so if you have a party or event booked at another venue we are more than happy to appear there! If your party is booked at a children's party facility we just ask that you let that facility know that we will be there so arrangements can be made if necessary.

Q- Do we have to follow every activity you have planned?
A- We understand that you may want to work with a party planner, have your own plan, or have your party booked at a facility that offers specific activities. Be sure to let us know ahead of time if you would like us to follow another plan or work with a facility or planner!

Q- I have pets, can I leave them out for our party?
A- Although we adore pets, we do ask that they be put up if they typically jump or are aggressive. We ask this for the safety of our actors and also to protect our costumes from rips and tears.

Q- When the performers arrive can I leave my kids with them?
A- We require parents to stay nearby and continue to supervise their children while we are in attendance. Our performers will come completely prepared with a minute by minute schedule of activities and although we want every child to be involved, there might be a child who is too young or shy and will be more comfortable with their parent or guardian around. We are experts at keeping multiple children interested and occupied, but things like spills and tantrums do happen, so having parents around to be there for their children is very helpful for us to maintain the flow of the party! (NOTE: We can not change diapers or serve food or drinks).

Q- What do I do when you arrive and leave our party?
A- We typically try to park as far from the location as possible, but we do ask that you try to keep your child from watching us get in or out of our cars. This is to maintain the magic!

Q- Do you leave time for pictures at birthday parties?
A- Yes! We save the last 5-10 minutes for posed photos! We encourage parents to wait to take posed photos until this time to help maintain the flow of the party! Please feel free to take photos and videos of the action until that time!

Q- Can I host my child's party outside?
A- For the safety of our performers, we ask that parties be indoors when temperatures go above 85 degrees. Our performers are wearing wigs and layered costumes which can cause overheating when mixed with heat. We also request outdoor parties provide a shaded area. (This does not include mermaid parties)


Q- Are your characters licensed or copyrighted characters?
A- No. Curiouser Entertainment does not offer any licensed or copyrighted characters. All characters are generic versions and are based on original stories, fairytales, and fables! We are professional actors and vocal entertainers only!

Q- Is Curiouser Entertainment available to volunteer time & services to charities?
It is a part of our mission to volunteer and give back to the community! For inquiries about using us for a charitable cause please email us at 

Q- Can I work as a character performer for Curiouser Entertainment?
A- We only hire performers with professional theater experience! If you have theatrical experience, please send your headshot, acting resume, and brief video of yourself singing to

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