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Fairytale Characters

Look below to find our current princesses & other fairytale characters! Book them for your child's next party or event today!

The Snow Queen

Even though she has ice powers, the Snow Queen will warm up any birthday party or event with her songs & games! Be sure to let us know if you would prefer her in her first or second costume when you book!

The Snow Sister

This princess will bring the energy, laughter, and fun to your party or event! Be sure to let us know if you prefer her first or second costume when you book!

(limited availability)

The New Orleans Princess

This restaurant owning princess will bring the southern charm and incredible music to your child's party or event!


This princess will be sure to wear the right shoes so she can sing and dance the day away at your party or event!

Prince Charming

Prince Charming is always up for a dance whether it's at the Royal Ball or a birthday party!

(limited availability)


The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid is a wonderful addition to any party or event! For pool parties she will wear her fin, for parties on land she will wear her beautiful gown or village ensemble. Let us know which look you prefer when booking!

The Little Mermaid's Friends

The Little Mermaid's Prince & The Sea Witch are wonderful additions to your child's party or event!

(limited availability)


This bookworm loves to celebrate special days! She will surely bring adventure to any party or event!


This long haired princess is ready to sing, dance, & play at your party or event!

Rapunzel's Prince

He's not your ordinary prince, but he is the perfect addition to your Rapunzel party!

Snow White

Snow White is excited to join your for your child's birthday party or event!

Sleeping Beauty

She has gotten plenty of beauty sleep and is ready to celebrate your child's special day or event!


This little fairy makes any party or event fun & magical!

Peter Pan

Peter Pan will absolutely bring excitement and adventure to your party or event! Especially if there are pirates!

(limited availability)

The Fashion Doll

Everyone's favorite doll is FUNTASTIC at birthday parties! She is ready to dance, walk the runway, and make dream's come true for your child's special day! 


Even though she's most familiar with Halloween, she loves to celebrate other special occasions too! Especially birthdays!


This wayfinder brings adventure & excitement to every party & event! 

(limited availability)


This curious friend loves birthday and unbirthday parties! Any party really!

The Witch Sisters

These sisters are unpredictable and are sure to cause chaos and mayhem in the most fun way at your party or event!

(limited availability)

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